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Sometimes you have to do something good for yourself and pamper your skin with a small wellness program from home. For me, this starts with a good facial cleansing. Here a careful and maintaining cleaning is very important to me, since it is for me the basis for my further care products.

Therefore I would like to introduce the new care series of to you today.  This skincare range has been around since the beginning of the month and I have been testing these great daisy extract products for you for the last three weeks.


The innovative facial cleansing system consists of three steps:

  1. wash and clean with the cleansing foam
  2. clarify and refresh with the facial toner and
  3. peel and renew with Bamboo Cream Peeling.

All three products contain the high-quality daisy extract, which is full of vitamins and antioxidants. These products also have an antibacterial effect.



The use of these products is very simple and without great expenditure of time. The loosely airy light cleansing foam frees the skin and lets it breathe deeply again. It removes the daily dirt particles adhering to our skin such as sweat, dust and make-up well, which is the optimal preparation for the facial toner.


The mild facial toner smells super great like spring meadow with daisies. It refreshes and clarifies the skin after cleansing and prepares it optimally for the following care.


The bamboo cream peeling is peeling and moisturizing care in one product. The bamboo contained in the peeling gently removes excess skin cells, so that small irregularities disappear immediately.


With these care products, my skin feels very well cared for, smooth and well hydrated. I can only recommend these products for a nourishing cleansing of the facial skin. So you can spoil your skin and it is well prepared for your further face care.

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