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1543666888954Hello dear ones, thank you for visiting my blog again. I would like to write today about a topic, which concerns me for a very long time and which is very close to my heart.


Each person is a small unique and individual piece of the puzzle of our big society. We are all a part of a colourful variety, from which much good and new can develop. Every single one of us, no matter where in the world, has the right to respect, acceptance and dignity. No matter what nationality or social status he or she has in our society. Every single person on this earth, regardless of skin colour, origin, religion or sexual orientation, is an enrichment for us and contributes to a great colourful world. Each of us is unique as he/she is.

We are all, each as a small piece of the puzzle, part of a large community in which each has his or her place and meaning. Unfortunately there is still too much hunger, misery, mobbing, discrimination, violence, terror, xenophobia and racism in our world. There are still too many people who discriminate against others, e.g. because of their disabilities or other ways of thinking. Whether in real life or in the social media.
There are still too many people who do not accept or respect the dignity of others.


Unfortunately, I had to make this experience myself this year when I dated my girlfriend to visit a mosque. I already put on the hijab at home and then drove by car to our meeting point. I couldn’t believe the looks I got from my surroundings. What disregard and rejection hit me at that moment. I was still the same. The same white skin, the same white hair and the same person. I became clearly aware of how quickly we were all condemned without being known or in this case perceiving the person under the hijab.

But everything could be much simpler. You can learn and achieve so many new things if we could reach out to each other and simply welcome and accept each other, as unique as each of us is. If we would all change something, many would rethink their prejudices and behaviour and simply accept others, we would all have the opportunity to change a lot and make things better.

IMG_4428Understanding others, love, respect and compassion do not ask about religion or origin as well as morality. You only need a good heart to distinguish right from wrong. The origin or religion does not express the character of a person, nor does it  a style of dress or make-up. What says something about the character is the lack of acceptance of others. Nobody should make others small to feel bigger. Every person has his own story – I think. And I think that’s what makes us all unique. Acceptance and respect means understanding and openness. Maybe we should all think about how we might feel to be treated or discriminated so.

I already posted these pictures some time ago on Instagram with the respective message. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your numerous positive reactions and feedback.

Yours Princess.sosi  ??

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