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The power of sleep

We all know how important good sleep is for our health and well-being. Without good and sufficient sleep we are not able to perform well the next day, we are tired, have concentration problems, are irritable and not very productive.

Sleep or problems falling asleep can have many factors such as too much stress, not being able to switch off properly, constantly changing working hours, too much pressure to perform but also many worries and problems. I myself often lie awake for hours when something is very busy and I think too much about something. But who of you doesn’t know that? I think many of us do. Especially us women who think about many things more and also differently. You think about a lot of things. Usually you process your problems in your sleep as well. It has certainly happened to you before. You lie awake and ponder your problem all evening and the next day you wake up and have the solution. A solution that is just there out of nowhere.

Often I have phases in which I sleep really well and deeply, but still little. Nevertheless I am super recovered after this phase the next day. Then again I have phases in which I hardly sleep and only roll back and forth tired. I’ve often tried relaxation exercises, but that hasn’t helped me. But everybody is different. Maybe it was also because of the irregularity of these exercises.

In general, the following tips should often help and be considered in case of problems falling asleep:
– An evening walk in the fresh air
– No more stimulating drinks in the evening
– Avoid heavy and late meals before bedtime.
– Let the day end quietly and make the evening as stress-free as possible.
– Ensure a pleasant sleeping environment, e.g. no bright light, no sources of noise at the bed

But what is actually responsible for sleep in our body? Sleep is the time of rest, they say. During this time, however, our organism runs at full speed. The recovery processes at night are controlled by various messenger substances. One of them is melatonin which is also called sleep hormone.
A certain concentration of melatonin in the blood promotes sleep. A deficiency, on the other hand, is a possible cause of sleep disorders and poor sleep. Various factors in our everyday lives cause different levels of melatonin to be released. For example, the sleep-wake rhythm of sensitive people can quickly get mixed up.

This is where I discovered the natural sleep aid from Sleep.Ink. I had already been able to test the product a year ago and was already more satisfied at that time. Now it has only confirmed me once more. shortens the fall asleep phase if the sleep-wake rhythm is disturbed. It consists exclusively of natural plant extracts and the body’s own messenger substance melatonin. It has ingredients such as passion flower, lemon balm, sour cherry, hops and agave. It is vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free. The effect is scientifically confirmed and proven. For me personally such a thing is always very important, because I do not think much of sleeping pills or in general of such pills. I find this product different, however, because it consists of natural ingredients such as lemon balm and hops, which are already known for relaxation.

If you stick to taking it with a bottle 30 minutes before going to bed, you can’t do anything wrong. One should not forget, however, that it is a natural herbal remedy and can therefore work differently for everyone.

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