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Sommerbräune mit St. Moriz🌊 🏖🏝👙

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Hello dear ones, who does not want a beautiful natural tan for the summer? I do not know what about you, but I can spend hours in the sun an will not get tanned. Not at all. There is at most a painful sunburn, which I do not like.

Since I am not one of the skin types, which an be toasting hours on the beach, I searched the Internet for a good alternative. I found very quickly, because self tanning products there are many to buy. But are they all really worth your money? I honestly have reason to doubt it. Either one looks orange after applying some self-tanning products, as if one had bathed in carrot juice. Or you could become a chipmunk, because the application of the tanning agent does not really lead to an equal result.

In my research on the Internet I found also . This company offers a variety of self-tanning products by St. Moriz. I got that self-tanning mousse for testing. Thanks to Camera for giving me the chance testing this great product.

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The mousse is easy to apply, fast drying, provides a streak-free result and is enriched with olive milk and vitamin E. As many other self-tanning products by St. Moriz the mousse is available für the light skin in medium and for the dark skin in dark. Since I am a very light type of skin I have decided für the medium. A self-tanning is, in my opinion, only natural if it is adapted to the natural skin tone and is not too dark.

The self-tanning mousse has been delivered in a practical pump dispenser. Thus the mousse can be applied easily. A high-quality applicator has also been supplied with the mousse. This is a high quality self glove for applying the self-tanner. This makes the mousse easy to apply and streak-free. In addition, the glove protects the hands from unsightly stains when applied. The applicator can be used several times and has really stains when applied. The applicator can be used serval times and has really convinced me by a streak-free result.

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To get very good results, there are a few points to be observed before applying the self-tanning:

  • Before first use exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells. These would otherwise involuntarily lead to a stained result. It is best to do a thorough peeling one day before applying.
  • After exfoliation, apply a fine body lotion to moisturize
  • Before the application of the self-tanner apply the body lotion once again at trouble spots such as knees, elbows, hands and ankles. Allow the lotion to absorb well.

Now nothing gets in the way of an application.


  • Shake well before use
  • Apply a small amount of self-tanning agent to the glove and apply evenly in circular motion on to the body.
  • To avoid stripes on the knees, elbows and fingers, make sure that they are bended when applying.
  • Allow the mousse to soak for 4-6 hours. Wear dark clothes during this time and avoid contact with water.
  • After the exposure time, shower with warm water to wash off any remaining tanning agent. Here, you should use no soap, shower gel or shampoo.

Now you can enjoy your streak-free tan. I personally find the product of St. Moriz really recommendable. The application is as easy as winking and easy to carry out. Above all, it gives you a really streak-free and great result.

Yours Princess. sosi

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