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Skin care in winter

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The skin is our largest organ that reacts to a wide variety of factors such as stress, nutrition and external influences such as cold and heat. With all these external influences, the skin can get out of balance. Sometimes, for example, the skin tends to become unclean or dry. Fortunately, there is nowadays a wide range of cosmetic products that help the skin to regain its balance. In addition to all the creams and essences available on the market, I also find facial masks a soothing treatment that I personally use 3 times a week. For me, face masks have a special position in all my other cosmetic articles. With a face mask, skin that is a bit problematic at the moment can be restored to a healthy and radiant appearance in no time at all due to the coming cold season. Today I would like to give you a few reasons why face masks are a valuable addition to my other creams and peelings. Face masks moisturize my skin for a long time and ensure that the skin feels soft and fresh afterwards. In addition, my skin is additionally supplied with valuable vitamins and minerals which penetrate into the skin. And in my opinion, facial masks are very good and helpful cosmetic products at a small price.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Today I can recommend you the activated carbon peel-off mask and the winter magic mask from Schaebens. Face masks are usually applied to the face after normal cleansing. Thanks to its surface structure, the activated carbon peel-off mask pulls dirt particles, sebum and impurities out of the skin like a magnet. As we all know, activated carbon has detoxifying properties. This mask cleanses the face skin pore-deep and reduces the fat content of the skin. I´m sure you all know how unattractive it can be. I don’t like it when my skin is always so shiny. For me, its always on my nose and forehead. This mask has already inspired me by the fact that it cleanses properly, takes the unattractive shine and leaves a refined and pore-clean skin. Simply apply the mask with a cosmetic spatula or brush. Keep your eyes and mouth free. After 15 – 20 minutes, remove the mask from the forehead and sides towards the middle of the face. When the mask is removed, the excess sebum and dirt disappears. At the same time, the skin was soothed by the care substances and feels super cleansed, smooth and supple. For all those who tend to have impure skin, I can recommend the mask even more. With regular use, new impurities can be prevented.

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The Winter Magic Mask has been specially developed for stressed skin in winter. It is a very good Christmassy smelling and rich winter wellness mask. Valuable vegetable oils of walnut, almond and Shea butter nourish the skin intensively and sustainably. I felt my skin already more relaxed right after applying this mask. Which is perhaps also due to the delicious aroma of the mask. It smells like Christmas, really tasty! Simply spread this mask every over the face. Avoid eyes and mouth. Now let the mask work for 5 – 10 minutes so that it can unfold its effect and then massage in briefly and remove with a cosmetic tissue. My skin is softer and more relaxed. I like these small, uncomplicated care masks very much. They go fast and help my skin through the cold season again. Thats how winter can come. Have you tried these great products already?

Yours Princess. sosi


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