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Schaebens – Afrikas Beautygeheimnis🐆🐘🦁☀️

img_8533Hello dears, in the last days I received a letter from . In the letter were two little bags of Schabens- Africa masks. I was very happy to get masks again. Thanks a lot for this!!! For me these facial masks as you already know is always a great wellness cure for in between. They are super easy to use and while these great masks interact quite by the way, I have time to do something different. Today I am finally happy to be able to test this nurturing African mask.

img_8534When I think of Africa I always think of desert, heat, safari and beautiful but wild animals. Do you feel the same? I heard many beauty secrets from Africa. That is why I am now very curious about the new African mask of as a limited edition. This mask should be gently cleaning, intensively caring and protecting from free radicals. At the same time, the skin is intensively moisturized.

I find the indicated care details with the African mask already very good. On the caring result I am very curious. with this great mask, mineral-rich mud ensures gentle cleansing. Typical African plant ingredients from, for example, paradise grains or oil palm pamper and care the skin. Rich shea butter and baobab oil ensure a smooth and delicate skin. So the skin is well hydrated and is protected against free radicals.

img_8572Since the handling of the Schabens-Masken is really simple and well-known also to you, I applied as usual the mask evenly on the face. The eyes and the mouth spared off. After 10 minutes exposure time I washed off everything with warm water. My skin was buttery and really delicate. I had the feeling of being cleaned but also well groomed. The smell of the mask is somewhat earthy, but it is ok by the ingredients. I certainly did not feel the smell as disturbing. The result is all-too -true and this is relevant to me.

My conclusion is that I can recommend this mask to you very much. It provides a really good an well groomed skin after application. Just try it by yourself and visit . A nice weekend to all of you.

Your Princess.sosi

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