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Scandal – for all senses



Hello everybody, today I have something very special for you. You know all the well-known fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. However, Jean Paul Gaultier is more than just a fashion designer of fancy, unusual and extravagant fashion. He also produces fantastic fragrances to die for. They emphasize the feminine charisma with their own spirit and have in passing by a seductive effect. His enchanting and sensuous fragrances suit all occasions.

IMG_6386Scandal  the latest ladies´perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier. But Scandal is more than just a scent. It combines a very elegant aura with a seductive crazy mood. I would almost say there is a sensual and scandalous scent around of its wearer flattering. Scandal, the sensational smell, lives up to its name and lets your senses work.

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This special fragrance is of full passion, exciting and lively. At the same time the smell also shows sensuality, femininity and grace. A smell that enchants and moves in its spell. The fragrance is long lasting and pleasantly intense. For me it is definitely my new favorite. Its head or top note is characterized by blood oranges.

The heart or middle note is honey and the base note is patchouli.

Perhaps you will also succumb to the magic of the new perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier. Have fun with this special perfume.

Yours Princess. sosi


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