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Review of the year 2019

Thank you 2019 for everything you have given me. The year passed in a flash. A very exciting and eventful year for me is now over and a new one begins. 2019 has taught me a lot, given me many setbacks. But a lot of positive things have also happened. Overall, I have learned a lot from the events of the year. It has broadened my horizon, taught me to think more positively and above all to continue to work on my goals and dreams. I have met new wonderful people who I would not want to miss anymore, because they are a great enrichment for me. Their support and their mental support are simply very important to me.
Overall, 2019 was a very successful and positive year for me.

I have worked (and still do) on many great projects and have already been able to implement one. So I opened my own shop where I sell my own hand drawn Instagram Story Sticker Elements. Well, at the moment the selection is still very limited, but it won’t be long before the next ones are ready.

The link for my shop:

I am grateful for the events that 2019 has brought with it and I am very curious what to expect in 2020. We all have our resolutions for the new year. I will invest a little more time in my studies. I will also try to think more positively and to implement my further projects successfully. “Because if we only see what we want to see, we might overlook the good in each other”. I thank you for the incredible support this year. What are your intentions for 2020?

Yours Princess.Sosi?

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