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Hello dear ones, have you already bought Christmas presents? Honestly, I haven´t yet, but I have to think seriously about what I want to give. For you today I have a great gift idea, for all those who would like to read an extraordinary book. I would like to introduce you to three beautiful books. There are two novels, one is called the novel “Bossman” and the other one is called “Sternenwinternacht”. With the novel Bossman, the pages flew past me, because this book captivating as it is amusing. With the cheeky dialogues and suggestive moments, the book is captivating. I don´t know how you are, but some books have been read much faster than others. And Bossman is such a book that you can quickly get through because you just want to read on.

The book “Sternenwinternacht” is a Christmas story full of romance and emotions. The book is about a fateful and dramatic love story. It is more appealing to read, but then resolves possible misunderstandings towards the end. This third book is called “Atlas Obscura”. This book was published for the first time in 2016, but it is only now that it has made its way to me. The title of his book is primarily reminiscent of an atlas and perhaps a travel guide. But it´s very unusual book, I think. It invites you to read and dream. The reader is taken to a different would as he visits and gets to know very unusual places on his journey through the book.

More than 700 wondrous places with more than 600 beautiful photographs can be admired in this book. For each place the address is given unter which it can be found in the particular country. I had to realize that I´ve already been to the one or other place that the book describes. However, this is only limited to a few museums. This book shows how wonderful and funny our world is in reality in some places. Apart from the fantastic pictures I am fascinated by the short texts.


However, the most important is preserved in these short texts and thus sufficient. I am glad when such beautiful pictures are not always overloaded with text. Because that´s how I love to browse a book like that. Not that I don´t want to read, but such a book invites you to marvel and browse. Or do you already know something about the Snoring Museum in Alfeld (Leine) or the secret grave in the concrete pillar of the Severinsbrücke in Cologne? Or have you already visited Bomarzo in the park of the monsters in Bomarzo (Italy) or Island of Puppets and walked on the steps of the Quinta da Regaleira near Lisbon? Anyway, I saw these extraordinary places for the first time in this book. And some places are definitely worth a visit.

Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie Cam

I got to know a lot of interesting and new things about our would with this book. In addition, I am sure that I will take it into my hands again and again, leafing through it and discovering something. I particularly liked the fact that the book not only deals with certain places such as places of worship, but also gets to know crazy museum, buildings, etc. It is also a great way to get to know people. The places and things are a very varied collection of curiosities. The book also contains natural wonders, religious sites, cultural events and miraculous objects. There are explanations about the background of the story or the way the objects work.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Processed with Rookie Cam

The “Atlas Obscura” has about 450 pages. The book focuses on Europe and the USA. But also the rest of the word is not neglected. Whether it is a curiosity on the Caribbean islands or the desert in the eternal ice, everyone can discover something extraordinary and interesting, surprising and mysterious. I was completely fascinated by the book. On the beautifully designed pages you can see how versatile and beautiful but also miraculous our world can be.


This Book is a beautiful and at the same time informative highlight for Christmas. No matter if you want to give it as a present or to give it yourself. Who knows, maybe you will visit one of these places during your next vacation? If so, please let me know. I hope I have aroused your curiosity and wish you a lot of fun while browsing.

Yours Princess.sosi


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