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facetuneHello my dear friends! Everyone knows it and everyone loves ist. I find it the perfect food – right now on long, cold winter days. Especially with friends or the family you can sit together and spend time together. Such a raclette is simply unbeatable with regard to the combination possibilities of vegetables, meat varieties or fish. In the same way it is also easy to prepare fruit pans or fruit skewers.


Here I have put together a colorful plate, where you can see that I have baked my bread ” Naan style” on the raclette. For this I used a classic yeast/pizza dough. In a small pan is a delicious  fried egg, a small homemade pizza (the same dough as the bread), some chicken, for which I used the delicious sauces from . Also the vegetables I have prepared in one of these small pans. I think vegetables is a must have in a raclette.




In addition to the vegetables, I also cooked the fruit skewers on my raclette. For this I pierced pieces of pineapple and strawberries. Sprinkle with some lime juice and sprinkle with some brown sugar. All that then caramelized easily when roasted on the raclette.

How did you design your lasts raclette?

Yours Princess.sosi

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