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Hello dear ones, nice of you to drop by my house again. I know my last post was a long time ago, but unfortunately I had another foot injury. So my thoughts were all the time busy to get to the bottom of the cause and to clarify some things in this context. But everything’s all right now.
 I hope you’re all enjoying the great weather this summer. The sun shines all the time, but unfortunately this also has an effect on our skin. Especially in summer a lot of care is appropriate. Today I would like to introduce you the great Vitamin – C Vibes and the Fruit Bomb Masks from Schaebens. All great care products that do good for our skin.
These small capsules are full to bursting with high doses of vitamin C. They smell deliciously of orange and immediately bring more energy and moisture to our skin. These power capsules with vitamin C, vitamin E and valuable jojoba oil and almond oil give the complexion a great glow.
The capsules are very easy to use. First you cleanse the face, where each of us has our own routine. Then simply unscrew the capsule cap and it is already open. Apply the concentrate gently to the face, neck and décolleté with your fingertips and massage in gently. And already the skin shines in a new glow with a wonderful glow.  The concentrate is also suitable for small lines and wrinkles. 
The rich cream masks are concentrated active ingredient bombs for our skin. They moisturize our skin and activate our cells. The complexion gets a fresh glow and glows rosy and fresh again. The nourishing ingredients of this mask are pomegranate seed oil and pomegranate extract as well as the delicately caring shea butter and orange. The masks all have a fresh and fruity citrus scent which I find so pleasant especially in summer.
Schaebens masks are easy to use. Simply apply the mask evenly to the cleansed facial skin with a mask brush or fingers. Avoid the eye and lip area. Leave the mask on for about 10 minutes. Now gently massage in the remainders of the mask or remove it with a cosmetic tissue.
I was totally convinced by the great capsules and masks. But I’m a fan of the Schaebensmasken anyway, as you probably already know. The products are easy to handle and achieve a great effect.
Yours Princess.sosi ?

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