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In cooperation with Weleda

Cosmetics is the sanctuary of every woman. Finding the right and good skin care products for our skin is very important to us all. We spend a lot of money on this. But not only that, we also invest a lot of time and nerves in good care products. But it is worth the effort. Unfortunately, our skin is subjected to a lot of stress every day, especially now in the cold season. Sticky, dry air in university or work, wet and cold weather, stress and so on. It is therefore very important that we pay attention to our skin, take care of it properly and give it a break from time to time to pamper it properly. The company Weleda helps our skin with its holistic care products to maintain the natural balance and protect it from drying out especially now in the cold season. In winter my skin is even drier and more sensitive than the rest of the year. Therefore, good care is especially important to me here. I am always looking for good products that are compatible with my sensitive skin. I have received three wonderful products from Weleda in a travel or trial size for testing. The sea buckthorn hand cream, sea buckthorn vitalizing shower and the citrus refreshing moisturizing lotion. I have tested all three skin care products and am very enthusiastic. The products are free of synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives as well as mineral oil-based raw materials. Likewise, Weleda does NOT test the tolerance on animals – which I find very good, but unfortunately still is not a matter of course today.


Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie Cam

This hand cream captivates with its fruity orange scent. The cream itself is also slightly orange in color and absorbs very quickly. It´s perfect for rubbing on your hands in between. The sea buckthorn oil contained in the cream is rich in natural vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, which protect the skin and the nail bed from loss of fat and moisture. Together with the contained sesame oil, they ensure the natural balance of the skin. This makes rough and stressed hands soft and supple again.

Processed with Rookie Cam

The delicious orange scent is also contained in the sea buckthorn vitalizing shower. Here I want to stand under the shower all day long to smell the delicious scent. Here too, the natural power packs of sea buckthorn fruits are used for skin care. The sower enlivens and stimulates all the senses with its scents of orange, mandarin and grapefruit. Here, too, the sea buckthorn in combination with sesame oil helps to balance the skin and protects it from drying out. The shower leaves the skin feeling velvety soft and its ingredients have regenerating, antioxidant and intensive skin care properties.


Processed with Rookie Cam


The vitalizing citrus moisturizing lotion from Weleda is also invigorating and nourishing. Its valuable ingredients of aloe vera, coconut oil and sesame oil provide the skin with moisture and nourish it soft and supple. Moisturizing care is very suitable for daily body care but also after sunbathing. Their good tolerability and the fact that they are absorbed quickly make them a good care product, which one does not want to do without. So for me as a consumer, the products from Weleda have left a good feeling. I was convinced by their composition and the natural harmony of man and nature.

When do you test the welled care products?

Yours Princess.sosi

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