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Hello dear ones, today I tell you a little about the care products of the company HAKA. HAKA is a traditional company that has existed for 70 years. The company HAKA states that it only manufactures environmentally friendly and skin-friendly products. I am very happy to tell you about some of these products today, as I have tested them in the last days. Many thanks again to HAKA!❤️
As you probably already know, I have very sensitive skin and therefore pay close attention to the care products I use. Since the care products of HAKA have convinced me in the last days, I would like to introduce these great products to you today once more exactly.


One is the “Euterpflege Special” for sensitive, stressed and rough skin, the pomegranate shower gel and pomegranate body lotion as well as a facial treatment.
Many of you may have a little drier skin after winter. The “Euterpflege Special” is intended for extremely stressed and rough skin such as the hands, elbows or feet. I tested this cream to care for my hands, because they got a little rougher from time to time due to the cold. I was surprised by the result. The cream is very productive and cares for the skin soft and supple. Above all I find very well that the cream does not stand on the skin and one must wait eternally until it is drawn in. The “Euterpflege Special” is a slightly firmer cream, absorbs quickly and does not leave an oily film on the skin. I’ve only used the cream for my hands so far and I’m really happy. Soon I will try the cream on the paws of our dogs. Because on the website of HAKA it says that this rich cream also cares for the cracked balls of the dog’s paws and makes them supple again.


The pomegranate shower gel and body lotion just smell like a holiday to me. The wonderful scent of pomegranate has already convinced me. The body lotion nourishes the skin with contained shea butter and leaves it feeling velvety soft. It is a very light body lotion that absorbs quickly and leaves a pleasant skin feeling all day long. The shower gel with vegetable surfactants is gentle on the skin during daily cleansing and smells just like the body lotion like pomegranate. Both products are free of PEGs and parabens and super pleasant and caring.


Now I would like to tell you about HAKA’s 8-day facial treatment. This ampoule treatment contains three active ingredients that build on each other and are applied to the skin like a cure. The cure consists of small ampoules, which makes the care application quite uncomplicated. The active ingredients are applied directly to the skin through the active agent concentration of the care ampoules. The package contains 3 ampoules of cherry blossom relaxation concentrate that soothes and refreshes the skin. Then 3 ampoules of Iris-Florentina Anti-wrinkle Concentrate are contained, which should tighten and moisturize the skin and 2 ampoules of lotus blossom + ginkgo. These ampoules are supposed to give the skin new energy, as they can stimulate the microcirculation of the skin and thus refine the skin’s appearance. When you open the package of this ampoule treatment, it is also indicated on which day you use which ampoule. My result after these 8 days was a well-groomed, fresher skin. The skin received a fresh radiance, was optimally moisturized and was soft and soft. A relief and wellness for my facial skin.

My conclusion: I would like to use all products again because they are very caring. The products are animal-free, free of aluminium, PEGs and paragons. In addition, the products are environmentally friendly and skin-friendly.

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