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Murandum Schmuck👑💍 Jewelry

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Hello dear, nice to see you again on by blog. In my blog post today it is about feminine everyday jewelry. I really like the chains of


I find the chains are a cool and easy to combine accessory. These chains are not as pompous as statement chains, but in my opinion, can be combined with many others like a choker chain. So a style can be not only cool but also very elegant in a certain way.

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Murandum chains add pretty details to your outfit, behind which also hides a small message. I chose the chains “Karma”, “Heart” and “Guardian Angel”. There is a hidden message behind the Karma chain: To keep the world positive, peaceful and loving, is the message from Murandum.

The “Heart”-chain carries the message to follow your heart. Each jewelry piece has its own message. The “Guardian angel`s” message is you are not alone.


The chains and the corresponding pendants are in gold, silver, and rose gold, so you have choices. I personally find the chains of Murandum a beautiful detail and a cool jewelry accessory. We love all jewelry.

Your Princess. sosi


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