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Merry Christmas


Sleep once more, then it´s time again! Every year before and on Christmas Eve everything revolves around presents and Christmas dinner. If I have all the presents, I hope they´re the right ones. Do my brothers and sisters like it? What am I doing my parents a pleasure with? After all, you want to make it beautiful and right and sometimes you might not be able to do it. Which only makes us human. Because I think the positive thought alone counts here.

Especially the last weeks before Christmas are always very stressful. It´s been a while before you get everything in place. For example, I had a lot to learn and pass exams until two days ago. There are already a lot of tasks that are pushed into the background. I think you know what I´m talking about. I´m sure it´s no different with you. Everybody< just tries his best and does his best.

For some people, e.g. elderly, sick, single people or people from/in other countries who are not doing so well, Christmas may not be pleasant. We should also think of these people. Others who want to celebrate Christmas with a big family probably want a smaller circle for a little more silence. Because Christmas time is the time for contemplation and silence. This is an excellent time to reflect and look back on the past year. And that´s what I´m trying to do this year. To leave all the personal problems accumulated this year behind me. I try to ignore the hectic pace and focus on the things that are already important to me or can become important in relation to the New Year. Time is passing too fast and this year was just too turbulent. But I´m gonna try to put all this behind me and move on.

I wish you a merry Christmas time!!!!

Yours Princess.sosi


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