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Mein ganz persönlicher Jahresrückblick 2017 ??????


2017 – what a year! As soon as we have raised the glasses for 2017, the year is over and we will start all over again. Looking back at the past year, I realize how much actually happened this year. The year had a lot of heights and depths for me. I made mistakes, learned from them and developed myself further. I have been through a lot and tried new things. Though things have often been far from going well for me, I am still grateful for what I have achieved, that I am healthy and have people around me who believe in me and strengthen me. Even though I felt that many things were bad for me at first, I have to say afterwards that it turned out quite well. There were Many moments for me when I thought there was no way out. But I have learned from this that there is always a way forward and there is a solution for everything. I also believe that it only makes you mature. Besides, I strongly believe in karma. I think the inconveniences I have had to put up with this year because of other people who have tried to make life difficult for me in the longer term, that this will once again fall back on these people. These moments have taught me to come to rest and find myself. But then there were really nice moments this year. Moments that show you that there is also some kind of justice. These are moments that enrich life. I will remember these moments in the future, too, when there are not so great moments again. So, despite all the difficulties this year, I can be proud of what I have achieved. You also have to appreciate the small successes and be really happy for everything you have. Especially for health. There are still many people who have less than us. I think we should always remember that. So each of us has to carry our own parcel.

I hope it gets better in 2018. In this way I would like to thank you for your loyalty.

Since I always ask myself what I can do better next year, I always think about good but also achievable resolutions. The best intentions are of no use if they are set too high and therefore doomed to failure from the outset. That why my intentions are small and concern the simple things of everyday life. But these are often the most important things in life.

My good intentions for the coming year:

  • drink more (it´s really too little)
  • eating healthier
  • to do more sport
  • I would like to try meditation and yoga in order to relax better
  • fo organize myself even better
  • more travel – more

What was your year like? Do you already have New Year´s resolutions?

And now I´m looking forward to a nice year 2018 and wish you all a happy new year and stay healthy!

Yours Princess.sosi

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