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Little Lunch🍜🍲🥘🍤🥗🥙🥑🍔


Hello everybody, a few days ago I got a package from for testing. Do you know ? They have really tasty soups. I think today is the ideal day to test these tasty soups once. Thanks again to for it!!!facetune

I do not know if you love to eat soups, but I really love delicious soups. They are – as I always think – easily and do not leave behind such a disturbing bloated feeling with which one afterward would not like to move any more. Often I have thought of doing a diet only eating soups in the evening just for maybe 14 days. But I have never found the right soup with wich one can also endure such a diet.

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The soups of are poor in carbohydrate- and are low-caloric. The low water content in the delicious vegetable soups makes them very satisfying. The preparation is very gentle, artificial aromas and flavor enhancers were completely left out. Ideal for a balanced health diet are the ingredients used in organic quality. What personally fascinated me is that you do not have to take a lot of time each day to cook a delicious soup by yourself.

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However, the soups from are more than only soups. One can use them really simply as a sauce to transform with fresh ingredients e.g. vegetables, fish, tofu also to quite an other complete new tasty dish. As you can see also in my pictures. I have tested this with the three soups which I have got from . But now I would like to tell you what  great soups I got from . In my package were two glasses of tomato soup, little Italy and little Thai.

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The potato soup consists of a mixture of potatoes and sweet potatoes and is seasoned with smoke. Actually, I must honestly confess that I do not like potatoes at all. Exept fries, otherwise I avoid potatoes where it is possible. But this soup is really delicious, even if it is still a potato soup. So this soup I can recommend to you.

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The vegetable soup “Little Italy” is a soup with tomatoes and courgettes. It reminds very much of an Italian minestrone. I find it really tasty, mhhh. In the soup the typical Italian herbs such as basil, oregano, thyme and parsley were used. Also it is very tasty and well filling. I have eaten this great soup with a Guacamole spread with cress. This was very tasty. Then I have tested “Little Italy” as a sauce to vegetables spaghetti I was surprised pleasantly and must say honestly that it tastes very much, very tasty. And for everybody, having little time for cooking such a thing is ideal. You should try this really sometimes.

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The soup “Little Thai” exists of lemon grass, coconut milk and peppers. The soup gets the taste by soy sauce, coriander, chili and cross-cumin. The soup has reminded me of a Thai-curry. It is also warming from the inside out and lets me dream so properly of the vacation in Thailand. Anyhow I like coconut milk very much and also it is very healthy. Also with cross-cumin and chili I often spice at home. So this soup earns a lot of Brownie- points. With this soup I was very curious as it will taste as a sauce in a Thai noodle dish. The result was: very tasty. Also coldly as a sauce to my salad with shrimps and home-made spring rolls I found “Little Thai” very tasty.

But there are more delicious soups at such as pumpkin soup, goulash soup, tomato soup, carrot orange soup, little India, little china and little chicken. I´d like to eat them all. Perhaps I will try my soup diet for 14 days once with the tasty soups from .

Just have a look at and convince yourself of the delicious soups. I really can recommend these soups to you!  Have a nice week !!!

Yours Princess.sosi

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