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Lecker abnehmen 🍓🍪🍫🍹 Yummy Slim

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Hello my dear ones, in my blog post today it is about diet. For this reason I would like to introduce you to Amapur. Perhaps you already know Amapur from different media reports, e.g. from the Vogue, Elle or others. But what or who is Amapur? Amapur is one of the formula diets. The product promises that no ravenous hunger should occur. According to the manufacturer, one can easly and effectively lose weight. The products are designed to stimulate the metabolism, regulate the blood glucose level and supply the body with all important nutrients. Amapur offers shakes, soups, muesli, biscuits, crackers, pretzels, fiber, aperitifs and treats.

FacetuneI was able to test for you the delicious aperitif wild berry and the tasty chocolate biscuits. The aperitif is served before a meal. Its ingredients are designed to stimulate the metabolism and stimulate fat burning. After tasting the aperitif, I had a satisfied smile on my face. I was very pleasantly surprised, because there are countless products on the market, all of which are very promising. With one or other product, the taste is very poor. Some leave a very unpleasant feeling in the mouth, others just taste for the ton. Here with the aperitif by Amapur I was very positive and pleasantly surprised. It is easy to drink in the intended quantity. And the best thing is that the aperitif with wild berries tastes really as promised by Amapur like wild berries. It is really delicious.

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The chocolate biscuit is a low-aloric treat by Amapur. Because of its composition, it has a low glycemic index, which should start the fat utilization. The product was baked with spelled flour. The chocolate biscuit tastes like a normal cookie – the nice thing about this biscuit by Amapur is however the snacking without remorse. what makes the chocolate biscuits a great alternative for a sweet tooth like me!

FacetuneMy personal conclusion: already after a short time of testing I have 4 1/2 ibs less on the scale.

Yours Princess.sosi


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