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Jahresrückblick/year in review 2018

The year is over and so it is time to review 2018.

2018 was a very exciting and yet eventful year. A year with many ups and downs. So it was actually a normal year. Altogether 2018 has happened a lot with me. And then there was the thing with the good intentions……..! You probably know that, you always take on many things for the coming year and then you can’t always implement them. So also with me 2018. You already know the usual resolutions with “I make more sport and eat less sweets” and all such things. Have you actually been able to implement all your resolutions for 2018?
My year started with a lot of excitement. There have been so many beautiful and unpleasant events this year. But also these disappointments are part of life. One grows with you and learns from you.
Privately my life has moved a lot. I made a DNA test to confirm the assumption of my roots and to find my relatives, whom I was unfortunately never allowed to meet. I would really love to get to know them and find them. The only thing I know is that they live abroad. It would simply be important for me to know where my roots are.

I learned to believe in my desires and dreams in 2018. I work hard on myself to believe more in my dreams and to advance my goals. This year I was also able to meet a lot of new nice people.
Also you supported me a lot this year. For this I would like to thank you very much – you are simply the best!

The nomination at Beauty Blogger Award really pleased me and I would like to thank you very much for it. Thanks to your support I have reached a very respectable place here. For me it was a very nice experience which was also great fun.Beauty_Blogger_Award_Square_Instagram_Facebook

In my opinion it doesn’t take a special occasion or a certain date to realize a project and want to change something. Therefore I would like to thank you for the great feedback and your support under my Messenger pictures. Such topics are very important to me, that’s why I can’t ignore such things. Of course I will continue to bother you with topics that are important to me and hope for your support.

So much has happened this year that I can learn from and so many things that I can grow from. It is always a great pleasure for me to get new followers and I am happy about every single one of you and appreciate them.
For me the new year can come, I am ready. Of course I have some plans again. But I also want to leave old things behind me. Things that have no place in my future, because they are more burdensome and it is not worth it to carry them as ballast constantly with you. I simply don’t want to have any more people around me who constantly encounter me with falsehood and resentment through their own superficiality.
I want to work more on my dreams and goals. I also have to learn to give things more time. It doesn’t have to be alleofirmed and implemented at the same time.
Now I am looking forward to an exciting and thrilling new year in which a lot will certainly happen again. I am happy about everyone who accompanies me on this way. I appreciate everyone who accompanies me with honesty and loyalty in real life or in the social media. Therefore I wish you all the best and a really good 2019!
Yours Princess.sosi ?

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