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Instylebox Summer Edition 2020


Hello dear ones, nice that you are visiting my blog again.
As you know from my story, I am currently struggling with my health and the craziest symptoms. That’s why this blogpost is so late. Unfortunately, I got through all the doctor’s appointments and the current change in my life, just to almost nothing. The whole thing cost me an incredible amount of time, I mean I often had to drive several hundred kilometers to special doctors… really unbelievable what happened in the last week n and months…

But today I would like to introduce you to the Instylebox Summer Edition 2020 in my blog post. Some of you have probably already seen it in my story when I introduced it. Unfortunately I noticed in the last weeks that not everyone gets to see my story. I hope you are not angry with me, but through all the ups and downs in my life I just couldn’t make it before. But now I finally show you the complete content of the box again, which is once again wonderfully assembled.


Lierac Hydragenist is pure moisture for the skin. The pleasant gel cream is quickly absorbed and provides an immediate fresh feeling of the skin. The skin is plumped up, plumper and matted. The complexion appears radiant and fresh.

QiQu – SOS Skin Repair
With just one drop, QiQu as a medical care helps with damaged skin, abrasions, inflamed pimples, bites, cuts, sunburn and lip tingling. QiQu – SOS Skin Repair cares for, protects and regenerates the skin.

GLOV – Moon Pads
Glov Moon Pads are reusable soft pads suitable for all skin types and do not contain any harmful substances or dyes. Thus they are well tolerated even by sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

Kneipp Lip Care Pen
This lipstick from Kneipp is made of 100% natural ingredients that leave the lips velvety soft for a long time. In addition to caring for the lips, this lipstick also makes a positive contribution to our environment because the pencil is 100% biodegradable and is completely free of plastic.

Kappa – Eau de Parfum
Did you know that our brain remembers smells? Kappa women pink is an elegant but sporty scent at the same time. Refreshing bergamot, tangerine and orange form the top note and are complemented by the wonderful scent of jasmine. A super scent – not only for the summer.

Dry shampoo is for many people the quick solution in between. Even I have sometimes used dry shampoo when I needed to get away quickly. It works quite simply. Simply spray it on, massage it in and brush it out. And you are ready to go.

This transparent fixing gel promises to make water-soluble mascara smudge-proof and waterproof. So our favorite mascara should not run off even on long days and in humid conditions.

Straws – This is the last straw
These great glass straws are not only sustainable, but also look even better than their plastic predecessors. So everyone can contribute to a better environment with their drink. These straws also come with a matching cleaning brush.

NOT GUILTY – Sweat Revolution
The sweet fruit gums are not only fun to nibble on but are also 100% organic and vegan. The flavours raspberry and grapefruit are simply delicious.

Wondercandle is a very sweet sparkler in the shape of a heart.

I hope you enjoyed the blogpost 🙂

Stay healthy.

Your princess.sosi

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