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Illuminated cosmetics mirror


In cooperation with Beurer


Hello dear ones, it’s nice to see you again. Today I would like to introduce you a super great product. An absolute MUST Have for every handbag, in my opinion. If you’ve read this article, I guarantee you’ll agree. I was invited by Beurer to the IFA in Berlin. Thanks again for that! Berlin is a beautiful city. I’ve really flashed how great this town is. Unfortunately, my stay in Berlin was very limited in time, but I managed to see some well-known landmarks. I also had a very nice taxi driver in Berlin, who gave me a short city tour on the way to the exhibition grounds. It was a really nice, but unfortunately too short day in Berlin.


But now to the great product, which I would like to introduce to you today. It is the illuminated make-up mirror (BS 39) with integrated power bench from Beurer. Fortunately I was allowed to test it, because fortunately I had it with me on my train ride. The mirror has a normal and a 3 times enlarged mirror surface.  So you can always check your make-up without any problems. When the make-up mirror is opened, LED lighting is automatically switched on to ensure optimum lighting conditions. When the mirror is closed, it switches off again fully automatically.  The best thing about this mirror is the integrated power bank. It was also the rescue for my battery-charged mobile phone on the journey. Because I could simply connect my iPhone to the mirror through the charging cable and it automatically started the charging process. As soon as my battery was recharged from the Iphone, the Powerbank switched off automatically.


The mirror also charges tablets or e-book readers without any problems. The integrated power bank of the mirror can easily be connected to a switched on PC. During the charging process, lights indicate how far the charging process is. With one light = 25%, with two lights = 50%, with three lights = 75% and with four lights 100%. When the Powerbank is fully charged, all 4 lights on the make-up mirror light up.

I think this mirror is really great and since then I always take it with me in my bag. I think this product is simply ingenious.

Yours Princess.sosi ?

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