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Hello dear ones, nice that you visit me again. Many people have the most different pets at home. Some have a dwarf rabbit, others a budgie or others a cat or a dog. What kind of pets do you have?  Do you also have a dog, like me? The dog has always been regarded as man’s best friend. He is a very loving and sensitive animal that also shows clear signs of empathy. Dogs are faithful and behave loyal. Every dog owner knows that he has the best and most faithful friend of man in his dog. I cannot understand the many people who first get a dog and then don’t care about it and in the worst case return it to an animal shelter. I must honestly say, I can’t deal with such things at all.  For me my dog is my best and most faithful friend. I could not go on without him. He is so sweet and loving but also very funny.


Since my little Maltese bitch is so important to me, the quality of the different products I need for her is also very important to me, like e.g. a fur caring and gentle shampoo, healthy food, toys where she cannot simply bite or eat anything and of course the leash and the collar.  Finally I would like to make my small sweet dog also a completely special joy.

Therefore I would like to introduce the company Molly & Stitch from Austria to you today. Here quality is still understood correctly. You can still see the attention to detail in the super beautiful handmade products.

0C86D643-8154-4992-8448-87BC2E08DB77This great leash with the beautiful collar, was like the other leashes and collars also made by Molly & Stitch from the finest fat leather and rope. This mixture of leather and rope makes these products very high-quality and robust accessories for our four-legged darlings. The linen is available in different colors and lengths. I have decided here for collar and leash in the color Fuchsia. You can also choose here if you want leather or if you like the leash out of the robust rope.  I have selected my leash with leather, because I have it so more beautifully in the hand. The collars are available from XS to XXL, so practically for each quadruped. You will be surprised how stable and robust these products are. Especially if you consider that these great products are pure handwork and therefore certainly took a lot of time. You can really see the effort Molly & Stitch put into the production here. I also think that dew is a great raw material.  You can compare the great products neither of the quality, nor of the comfort or the design with the products you know from various pet shops.

I really liked the products from Molly & Stitch. Molly & Stitch have beside these great collars and leashes also handmade dog toys from rope, food bowls and super great beds. So if you want to do something good for your faithful four-legged friends and value the highest quality, just have a look at Molly & Stitch. There you will surely find the perfect solution for your wishes and requirements.

Yours Princess.sosi ?



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