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Happy Birthday Schaebens

Advertising / In Cooperation with Schaebens

Happy Birthday Schaebens ! Congratulations to the 20 years of making facial masks! Thank you for 20 years of great facial masks!!!


Masks are for me anyhow small caring miracles. They bring in a trice pleasant freshness and care in the face. They help in skin problems like impurities, redness or irritation of the skin. But also with dry skin or the first little wrinkles they are good little assistants. By the way, they conjure a refined skin texture and a wonderful skin feeling after the application.


Face masks bring freshness in the face. For me facial masks are a small wellness cure for between. They are used for recreation and relocation. During the application of the face mask my body and mind has a little time-out. Schaebens face masks are packed separately in practical Sachets. The masks are as easy to use at home as on the road while traveling. The facial masks of the company Schaebens are easy to handle and very skin-friendly. The nourishing ingredients give the skin intensive care, best in the complexion and with great freshness.

Just take a look at and discover the great variety of care masks. I am a real friend of these great masks and can really only recommend them.

Yours Princess.sosi

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