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Fashion Flash Event

IMG_5090Today, I´ll tell you about an event I had been on this week. It is about a young and independent start-up company that has set itself the task of bringing back the shopping experience back into our everyday focus. They claim to mix the advantages of online shopping with a diverse selection and very reasonable prices. A so-called “fashion flash”.

These fashion events are held in numerous cities in Germany. Around 3000 trend visitors are present at least at one event. Since Fashion Flash also came to the north of Germany, I visited the event in Kiel. I was really looking forward to it and I am unfortunately disappointed. I noticed about Facebook on it and immediately looked at an advertising video on the net about it. Probably this was my mistake, because I went with very high expectations to this event.

The presented products, which can be bought at the Fashion Flash events, are a small part of styles, brands and models, which exist in the fashion world. The textile assortment I found on this event very small and lean. Here was the selection of clothes on 4-6 clothes hangers. On these coat stands hung the very small assortment sorted by size. It was mainly jackets and coats on the clothes hangers. Pants or a few chic blouses or unusual shirts I unfortunately did not find. I am very disappointed with the selection of textiles. Perhaps it was only because of the small presentation area that was given to this event. Basically the idea for such an event is very good.

The wide range of shoes is a colorful mix of brands and models. Also you can find right bargains here. From size 38 to 42 there is something for everyone in this wide range. If you look closely you will find breathtaking high heels or trendy and extraordinary boots, sneakers and shoes. Here is am small selection of brands that I have found there, e.g. Buffalo London, Michael Kors, Shellys London, Dollybird, Kentucky Western, Havana Last, Vega Bond, Croos or Chinese Laundry.


These shoes you see in the picture, have really fascinated me. Take a look at these special ones. Of course the popular shoe brands such as Converse, Adidas, Nike or Puma were also represented. Shoes were available in all colors, shapes and sizes to admire. Here, Fashion Flash offers a very wide range at really reasonable prices.


IMG_5092You can find really great brands and bargains at this event also in the handbag assortment. Here I discovered, among other things, handbags by JETTE, Roberto Cavalli, Michael Kors and many other brands. The beautiful handbag of Roberto Cavalli, which you can see in the picture, I have not been able to resist. Here, too, there is something for every taste. The selection of shapes and colors for handbags is very large and the prices are low.

Of course jewelry can not be missed at such an event, I think. I was all the more pleased when I saw the market stall with jewelry by Victoria company. This company has very beautiful jewelry on offer. For reasons of space, however only a small part of the jewelry assortment, as you can see in the photo, can be exhibited. The company Victoria has a wide assortment of beautiful jewelry  items to offer online. Unfortunately, it is not possible to order online from Victoria. You can buy the jewelry only through a jewelry presentation in the private area. A so-called jewelry party at home. Similar to Tupperware parties. I personally find this as a big minus, because the assortment is really nice.

IMG_5093So, that´s what I can tell you about the Fashion Flash in Kiel. The people who built the whole thing and provided for a smooth procedure were really great. They have immediately filled the resulting sales gaps, so that the feeling could never arise it is bought empty. Also the reception for this event was lovingly and inviting designed. Everyone was greeted by a glass of champagne or orange juice and gummy bears. The atmosphere of the fashion flash was really great. Disappointing to me was only the lack of choice in the textile assortment. If I will go to a fashion flash again, then only in another city. That would certainly be very  interesting. Perhaps there will be a larger selection to marvel at.

Your Princess.sosi



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