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We all already know that Schaebens has great face masks. But the four masks I’ve been able to test recently from Schaebens are just top. I tested activated carbon power three times (activated carbon peel-off mask, activated carbon cream mask and activated carbon multi masking) and from the latest limited edition the alumina mask.  They all have a deep cleansing effect, which is perfect for collaring the skin down to the pores. They pull sebum and impurities as well as dirt particles that accumulate in our pores out of the skin very easily.


The creamy light texture of these masks can be easily spread all over the face. But in any case, leave out the eye area and the mouth generously. Not that especially when removing the activated carbon masks the eyebrows suffer from it.



What I always like about Schaebens masks is the ease of use and the overwhelming result after use. The natural ingredients used cleanse and soothe the skin. The skin is properly regenerated after the application by the caring ingredients.  The masks are suitable for all skin types and the great thing about it – they leave a silky matt finish.

My personal conclusion is: My skin was cleaned and cared for really well in just one pass.

Yours Princess.sosi ?


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