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Exklusive Hautpflege mal anders


Hello everybody, my blog post today is about super fruits and coconut. First I want to tell you something about these super fruits. We all love great super fruits. For breakfast, we prepare them in a delicious bowl to do something good for our health. These super fruits are rich in important antioxidants and are effective free-radical scavengers that protect our cells. But would you have thought that these super fruits in a nursing mask unfold its effect? The company Schaebens made it possible in their limited edition with their super fruit mask. In this mask, the valuable acas berries and Himalayan goji berries are naturally effective with their high content of antioxidants as effective free-radical scavengers. These berries have a variety of herbal vital substances that activate and protect our cells. The skin is revitalized and re-energized. These super fruits are in this mask enriched with Shea butter and licorice root simply unbeatable. So the skin is completely moisturized and intensively maintained.

Simply apply the mask evenly on the cleansed face. Avoid the eyes and lips. After 5-10 minutes of exposure time massage the remnants of the mask briefly and then take off with a cosmetic towel.

After application, the skin is visibly more fair and well moisturized. It feels smooth and well maintained.


Another great beauty mask for this summer is the coconut dream mask also fron the company Schaebens. In this mask the rich oil of the coconut was used to make the skin particularly soft and elastic. The finely ground shell of the coconut is used here as a natural peeling for cleansing the skin. Thus, even the already dead skin cells are gently removed. The skin is pampered by the rich recipe with Shea butter. The exotic and tropical scent of coconut and pineapple pampers all the senses. The skin is thoroughly cleaned and maintained by this product.

Simply massage the mask evenly on the cleansed but still moist skin. Avoid the eyes and lips. After about 10 minutes of exposure, rinse off the remnants of the mask with warm water.

After application, the skin feels soft and supple. The pleasant smell of the mask makes you dream of the sun, palm trees and the sea of the Caribbean.

Both mask are very great and maintain really good. They leave a very pleasant, delicate and well-groomed skin feeling. The skin is visibly more fair and well moisturized. I personally can recommend both masks. This invite you to dream in your own way.

Your Princess.sosi

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