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Advertising – In Cooperation with Beurer
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Hello dear ones, it’s nice to see you again. Today I would like to present you the solution for the daily combing drama of problem hair. If you have long hair, which is not without its problems, you probably know what I am talking about.

I was recently allowed to test Beurer’s new HT 10 hairbrush. At first glance this hairbrush looks similar to a normal Tangle Teezer, but that shouldn’t bother us. Because this hairbrush from Beurer keeps its promises.

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The Beurer HT 10 ion whirling brush is equipped with ion technology, which ensures smooth and shiny hair. The brush has soft plastic bristles that allow easy combing without constant pulling and pulling. The brush is battery-powered and generates negative ions at the touch of a button to counteract the static charge of the hair.

My hair was not always easy to comb, but with this brush combing works much easier and more pleasant. Here combing is gentle and painless. Even the annoying small knots in the hair tips can be removed effortlessly and painlessly without tearing or breaking off hair.
The brush is suitable for all hair types and even fits in every handbag.

My conclusion: Top product at a top price, which I can only recommend to everyone. For me, combing my hair has never been so easy and trouble-free. Above all, my hair still gets a nice shine after combing. I will not use another hairbrush in the future and can only recommend the product to you.
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Yours Princess.sosi ?

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