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Der beste Beauty Blender – The amazing Silisponge®

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My blog post today is about the Silisponge®. I must admit that at the first moment the sight of the Silisponges was a bit strange to me. But the beauty tool is a real sensation – so I think. Everyone of us has already tried different beauty blender. With conventional beauty blenders I came to no even results. The more I was happy when I was allowed to test the Silisponge®. Thanks a lot for this!!! 🙂

The amazing Silisponge thats product is made from pure, untreated silicone (medical-grade). Every single Silisponge is manufactured manually to ensure a long lasting and consistent quality. According to the company, the Silisponge has been certified as safe according to the required EU directives.

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As already mentioned, the Silisponge is made of pure silicone and therefore super soft, flexible and supple. The make-up applicator reaches every corner of the face without problems and provides a uniform streak-free result. The Silisponge is noticeably pleasant on the skin. It is very easy to clean with water and soap, since it can neither absorb oils nor grease. Therefore it is a real recommendation from a hygienic point of view. If you want, you can also use a  gentle disinfectant for cleaning.

The handling of the Silisponge® is very simple. Simply apply a small amount of makeup – only 30 % of the usual amount – to the applicator and spread with circular movements on the face. Repeat with the Silisponge dab to achieve an even result. For the narrow part of the eyes and nose, the applicator  should be well-formed at on end. Since the Silisponge® can not absorb any make-up in contrast to conventional beauty blenders, it also reduces the consumption of make-up.

The Silisponge® is definitely a super product, which I can only recommend.

Yours Princess sosi

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