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Cleaning & Care in One Go

Advertising / In Cooperation with Schaebens

Today I would like to introduce to you a new mask from Schaebens. It is available in the Limited Series and therefore not so long. It is the Clean & Care mask- a 2 in 1 mask. It cleans and intensively maintains the facial skin in a pleasant manner.

Processed with Rookie Cam

This Clean & Care mask can be simply applied thanks to its creamy texture. The porcelain earth contained therein absorbs the impurities of the skin like a sponge. Thus, the pores and visibly refined and the skin intensively maintained. Precious Shea butter makes the skin soft and supple. The two ingredients, in combination with Allantoin, are responsible for the fact that the skin feels well cleaned and pleasantly groomed after use. And this in just one working step! This saves valuable time when it has to go fast.

The Clean & Care mask is packed, like all masks by Schaebens, in small Sachets what makes the application of these masks so easy. Simply open the Sachet. Apply evenly on the cleaned skin of the face and the low neckline. Besides, leave blank the ocular part and lip part. Leave the mask for 5 – 10 minutes and relax. Afterwards wash the mask with warm water again. Now the skin feels well cleaned and intensely cultivated. The complexion has new freshness again and the skin looks more relaxed.

Yours Princess.sosi

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