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Care for sensitive skin


In most cases, a first critical look at the list of ingredients is enough to see whether they are good care products or not. Certain ingredients make our skin appear brighter, healthier and better cared for at first glance. But on closer inspection, these ingredients can also have a negative impact on the skin’s own defences, the regulation of the moisture balance and the skin’s ability to regenerate.

First and foremost, these are substances such as parabens, mineral oils, silicones, artificial surfactants as well as synthetic fragrances and dyes that are artificially produced and have a long-term negative effect on our skin.  These substances are only permitted in certain quantities, but we should still ask ourselves how our body reacts to them.

Anyone who wants to do something good for their skin, even in the long term, should rely on innovative products with highly effective natural ingredients that pamper and care for their skin.

For my sensitive skin, I personally prefer cosmetics made from natural ingredients and natural raw materials that are gentle on people and the environment. There are many products on the market, but to be honest there is only one that really excited me and I would like to introduce it to you right away.

In cosmetics with natural raw materials and ingredients, the ingredients consist of precious vegetable oils, fats, extracts of flowers, herbs, leaves, fruits, seeds and waxes. These special and valuable ingredients are then processed in elaborate processes to create sustainable cosmetics that also support the natural function of our skin.

It does not use any irritant or harmful substances at all. Do you actually know that in a conventional cosmetic the basis consists of 70% water? Often a little bit of water and little effect, I think. There are a lot of different cosmetic products that promise a lot and only a little. Every skin is different and reacts differently to the different products. So everyone has to look very closely and make the right choice for their daily skin care products.

Since I have a very sensitive and sensitive skin, I discovered Oliveda cosmetics for me. It cares for my skin as soft as velvet and nourishes it with everything it needs. These products contain only ingredients from nature or natural raw materials. Oliveda uses a complex procedure to replace the usual 70% water base in its cosmetic products with the cell elixir and hydroxytyrosol complex of the olive tree. This active complex makes these cosmetic products so special and highly effective natural cosmetics. It is the perfect care for all skin types and offers perfect protection against free radicals.

I find that this cosmetic clearly differs from other cosmetic products on the market in its effectiveness. Oliveda products contain the cell elixir of natural mountain olive trees. For this cosmetics olives, leaves, roots, blossoms and bark of the olive tree are used. They all replace the 70% water content with the olive tree cell elixir. Thus the care products are highly effective and suitable for every skin type. Each of us appreciates the health-promoting ingredients of olives. They provide us with plenty of healthy secondary plant substances and antioxidants. This special composition of the ingredients combined with their positive properties makes these care products something special for me.

But now I finally want to introduce you to my personal favorites from Oliveda. I was simply convinced by the composition of the ingredients and their effectiveness in daily use.

F06 Facial serum Cell Activ

Its highly concentrated ingredients firm, firm, repair and regenerate stressed and dry skin. The serum absorbs quickly, visibly refines pores and provides plenty of moisture.

F07 Facial Serum Anti Aging

This highly active cream stimulates the cells and prolongs their lifespan. The natural function of the skin is regulated and its elasticity improved. The contained avocado oil supports the reconstruction of the skin and provides it with a lot of moisture.

F09 Eye Cream

The eye cream is perfect for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It moisturizes and smoothes the skin. Also perfect for making an eye mask as it does not run into the eye.

F60 Eye Cream Hydroxytyrosol Corrective

The highly effective and gently caring eye cream has a positive effect on the collagen network of our skin. It reduces and smoothes eye wrinkles and offers protection against premature skin aging. The eye area becomes visibly firmer and more radiant.

B58 Body Butter Cinnamon Bark Ginger

The pleasant texture of this body butter absorbs quickly and provides our skin with a lot of moisture. Simply apply to the body after a shower or bath and you’re done. The body butter leaves a velvety soft skin feeling and smells delicious of cinnamon and ginger.

  I69 Mouth Pulling Oil Balancing Lavender

Mouth pulling oil binds the pollutants that have accumulated in the mouth overnight. Bleeding gums, plaque on the tongue and teeth are reduced. Simply put a tablespoon of mouth-pulling oil in your mouth every morning for 8 – 12 minutes before brushing your teeth and pull it back and forth between your teeth and the palate to keep it constantly moving. Then pour the oil into a Kleenex and dispose of it.

I01 Orac & Camu Camu

This drinking cure contains pure defensive power against viruses and harmful environmental influences. It contains antioxidants in up to 3000 times higher concentrations than olive oil and the Camu Camu fruit contained in it exceeds the vitamin C content of oranges by 30 times and is therefore a true beauty and immune system booster.

Yours Princess.sosi 🙂

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