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Beauty mit Schaebens🌸💆

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Hello dears ones, in my today´s contribution it is about the “multi masking” – mask of Schaebens. As you have probably already noticed, I have been using the facial masks of Schaebens for a very long time. I find the products very good and effective. That´s why I was really happy when I got mail from Schaebens yesterday. Thanks a lot for this!!!

This mask is a 3 in 1 product. There are 3 masks in 1 pack. The mask is specifically adapted to the individual care of the individual facial zones. So the white curative mask is to be applied to the forehead, nose and back of the chin. The raspberry mask in rosé is to be applied to the eye part. The black licorice mask is worn of the cheeks and neck. The mask is easy to apply because it has the right consistency and can be easily distributed. Now let everything work for about 10 minutes and the remove with a damp cloth.

This product is a very good care mask that is cleansing, pore-refining and regenerating. The excess of skin fat is absorbed through the curative chalk. It is used regularly to prevent skin contamination. Who of us does not know the problem with the T-Zone in the face. Due to the increased sebum production, it tends to more luster and impurities.

FacetuneFor the sensitive skin of the eyes the raspberry mask is just right. Stress und fatigue is especially visible to the eyes very quickly due to dark eye shadow and swelling. Also first wrinkles one gets mostly first at the eyes. Here the nurturing she abutter, the almond oil and the mate extract help to regenerate and maintain the fine eye skin for a new radiant moment.

Finally comes the liquorice mask. Due to the daily stress and the environmental influences, one often has a very dull and unhealthy pale appearance. The rich liquorice mask intensively cultivates the pores. Through Shea butter, licorice and fennel extract the face gets fresher after application and a natural glow. Here with the liquorice mask I was very skeptical which is mainly the smell of the mask. But I was pleasantly surprised, it smells like licorice but not as strong as I expected. I usually do not like liquorice at all, but the smoothing effect of the mask has completely inspired me.

My personal result after the first application is a cleaner, not longer shining T-Zone. The cheeks again have that certain glow you want and the skin around my eyes feels very relaxed and well-groomed.

Your Princess.sosi

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