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Every mistress desires beautiful long and thick lashes. That´s why so many people use mascara every day. I have tested 3 mascara for you, which should lengthen the eyelashes and strengthen the volume without clumping or weight. Because when it comes to eyelashes, you don´t compromise, do you?

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset I have tested for you:
At first glance, the Mascara doesn´t look spectacular from the outside. She has a normal nylon brush. Due to its special shape, the soft brush also reaches every hair so that all hairs can be mashed. The mascara has a creamy texture enriched with coconut extract. It opens the eyelashes beautifully without weighting or sticking.  The coconut extract nourishes and softens the lashes. The mascara is easy to apply and gives the eyelashes an intensive volume and a great swing right from the first application. The look is enhanced by repeated application. The eyelashes get thicker and the impression is longer. The mascara lasts all day long without crumbling or sticking. It can be easily removed with an eye make-up remover. The mascara is priced at approx 10 Euro for 8,6 ml.

Result: The mascara fans the eyelashes wonderfully, gives volume and length and leaves a great feeling that can be seen. I´d buy it again anytime.

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Processed with Rookie Cam2. PARADISE EXTATIC MASCARA by L`Oreal
This mascara has already appealed to me with its pink gold design. I love this color. It looks very noble and more attractive. This mascara also has a soft nylon brush which, thanks to its special shape, also  makes the fine lashes in the corner of the eye easily accessible. With it, the eyelashes can be inked prescisely and without difficulty. It contains a creamy texture enriched with castor oil and nourishes the lashes with every application. The soft brush with the great mascara gives the lashes volume and length without weight. The eyelashes also get thicker and look longer. This mascara also fans the lashes beautifully and leaves a great feeling. The mascara is also easy to remove with an eye make-up remover. The mascara costs about 12 Euro for 6,4 ml.

Result: Also this mascara is worth its money. It fans the lashes beautifully, giving volume and length without weight. Unfortunately, the Mascara has clumped a little while applying. Still, she has all the lashes well mashed.

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Processed with Rookie Cam3. BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA by Too Faced
The elegant rosé-coloured packaging is striking at first glance. The mascara itself is contained in a rosé-coloured bottle that differs from the others only by its weight. However, I also have to say that it fits even better in the hand. All in all, it already makes a very high-quality impression on the outside. But it´s not the only thing that counts. This mascara also contains a nylon brush. Due to the slightly larger brush, however, you have to be more careful when applying it, otherwise you will leave small blemishes on the skin. But these can be easily removed with a cotton swab. Due to the creamy texture and its deep black colour, the lashes can appear thick and longer. It also gives the lashes volume without weight or sticking. The applivation is not as easy as with the other two I have tested, but also the mascara gives the lashes some momentum. This mascara is the most espensive with approx 23 Euro for 8 ml.

Result: The mascara defines the lashes very well without sticking. Unfortunately, I have not been able to reach every hair by the larger brush. It is the most expensive of the three mascara. But I would still buy again because it defines the eyelashes very well.
These were the results I achieved with these three great products. Best I found was the TOTAL TEMPTATION MASCARA of Maybelline. Bit I would buy and use all thre products again at any time. Since each of the three tested mascara has something to say for them.

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Yours Princess.sosi

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