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Asante – means thanks


Today I would like to tell you about the aid agency for Africa, which I told you in my latest blog post. Asante means in the national language Swahili – Thank you!


Consciously or unconsciously, we spend our money more often on more or less important things. We often complain about things we would like to have and have not. There are still enough people in the world for them life is not self-evident. The daily bread, so self-evident to us, is unfortunately not always so self-evident.


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Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie Cam

More than 20 million people suffer from hunger, especially in East Africa. These problems in East Africa, especially in Kenya, are highlighted by the aid agency Asante. This association formed a women´s project to help self-help in Tiwi – Kenya. The government in Kenya has already called for a national emergency and asked the international community for help. ever-returning dry periods let the people fight for survival. According to Asante, most women live with their children alone. Since they do not have any schooling, they do not get any work and can hardly feed their family. Asante thus produced the project “guardian angel” – angels for Africa – a women´s project. Here the women crochet, e.g. beautiful little angels as lucky charms. According to the association, the sale of a little angel guarantees, for example, the equivalent to buy a bit more than 2 lb cornmeal and a daily lunch for a schoolchild. The woman, however, produce much more than the angels. They sew shopping bags, bags and another things made of very robust fabrics. Also, jewelry manufacture the women in this self-help project.

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Asante has also set itself the task of promoting pupils in there own Kristina Academy. Here, the association provides school sponsors to needy children with and without their parents´home. So these children have a chance at all. Asante provides the entire school children with breakfast and lunch during their holidays. So the families live a little easier and do not have to worry about meals. For most of the time, unfortunately, these meals are the only meals the children get. Asante provides training for pupils at grammar school and vocational schools up to education.

IMG_7390The costs for the medical care of all the students supported by the association and also for people in emergency situations are payed by the aid organization. The association hopes to give the families and children the urgently needed help in their hopeless situation and to provide them with a way out of the hardship.

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The association also states that the vendors and assistants at Asante all work voluntarily, so the proceeds from the sales are 100% on the account of Asante. I personally also bought  guardian angels and a bag for my mother. We should think about our good life in comparison to that life people have in Africa. For us, the many pleasant things or our prosperity have become much to self-evident. That is the reason why I find this project is a great one.

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