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Have you already bought all Advent calendars, or is the decision still difficult because of the multitude of beautiful Advent calendars?  Each Advent calendar has something for itself. This year I have again decided on a Beauty Advent calendar from Douglas, which contains some make-up, many care products but also useful accessories. But here, too, Douglas has a wide selection, where you first have to realize what you want in your Advent calendar.  This year I would also like to introduce an Advent calendar for men to you.

So that you don’t lose the overview with the mass of Advent calendars, I created here on my blog an overview with the most interesting Advent calendars concerning “price – performance”.

So for all of you who would like to decide for a Beauty Advent Calendar this year, I have some information for you here.


If you want to find more or almost exclusively make-up products behind the 24 doors, Douglas has created the turquoise version of the Douglas Lovely Advent calendar. It contains almost exclusively make-up utensils of the Douglas own brand such as lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes and other useful utensils. A good variant for 19.99 Euro.

Another option is the Douglas Luxery Advent Calendar. As the name suggests, this includes predominantly luxurious cosmetics and care products from the Douglas private label for 39.99 euros.

If you only want 24 facial care products such as masks, serums and ampoules, then the Douglas Lovely Skincare Advent Calendar will certainly get your money’s worth. The calendar includes Douglas own-brand products and also costs 19.99 Euro.


Personally, I have chosen the Douglas Lovely Advent Calendar this year. It is packed with 24 products from the Douglas Collection and, like the other Douglas Advent calendars, also has a very appealing design, making it a visual eye-catcher in itself. Above all – it can be set up comfortably. This calendar contains both care and make-up products and various useful accessories.


It contains :

1.Essential Hand Cream (10 ml), 2. Essential Moisturizing Body Milk (10 ml), 3. Home Spa Care Hand Cream (30 ml), 4. Home Spa Regenerating Body Lotion (30 ml)


5.Eye contour pen mini (0,6 g), 6. Volume obsession mascara black (9 ml), 7. Mini sponge applicators (2 pieces), 8. Mini tweezers


9.Transparent shower cap, Les Delices shower gel (100 ml), 11. Les Delices bubbling bath tablet, 12. Home Spa bubbling bath tablet, 13. Star-shaped cellulose sponge, 14. Transparent empty mini jar (10 ml)


15.Essential Moisturizing Face Mask (12 ml), 16. Essential Rich Face Mask (12 ml)


17.Nail Polish No. 82 – Daddy Wood (10 ml), 18. Nail Polish No. 90 – Don´t Explain (10 ml), 19. Nail Polish No. 84 – Into the Rock (10 ml), 20. Mini Separator, 21. Mini Nail Clipper, 22. Mini Nail File (5 pieces), 23. Nail Brush, 24. Mini Nail Polishing File


So, and as promised I present you this year also an Advent calendar for men. Just as we women have our preferences with regard to an Advent calendar, men certainly have it too. With men there are of course also Advent calendars which concern the hobby, something culinary or also care products.

For men, for example, there is the Advent calendar from ASOS. In addition to beard care products, it also contains care products for face and hair. The price of the calendar is around 35 euros.

Then there is the Advent calendar by Georgio Armani. Behind the 24 doors there are small luxury care products for the price of about 45 Euro.


I have decided for my brother, for the “Balea Men” Advent calendar from dm. It contains 23 care products and 1 mini torch. The skin care products from the Balea Men series are all vegan except for two products and the flashlight. Shower gels, shampoo and foam baths complete the calendar.


 It contains:

1.Cream shower baked apple (50 ml), 2. Shower gel gin tonic (50 ml), 3. Cream shower aprés ski (50 ml), 4. Shower gel arctic ice (50 ml), 5. Shower peeling volcanic stone (50 ml), 6. Winter foam bath (50 ml), 7. Wash gel (20 ml), 8. Shower gel polar breeze (50 ml)


9.24h moisturizing cream (20 ml), 10. 3in1 cream (20 ml), 11. Night cream (20 ml), 12. Eye care cream (20 ml), 13. Outdoor protection face care (20 ml)


14.Winter Protect Shampoo ( 50 ml), 15. Relaxation Face Mask (2 x 8 ml), 16. Volcanic Stone Peeling & Mask 5in1 (2×8 ml), 17. Fresh Peeling Gel (20 ml)


18.Winter Hand Cream (20 ml), 19. Freeze Styling Gel (20 ml), 20. Aqua Lotion (20 ml), 21. Body Spray (50 ml), 22. Body Lotion Winter Care (50 ml), 23. Hair & Beard Conditioner (50 ml), 24. LED Mini Flashlight


I hope I have been able to help you with my suggestions and tips for the Advent calendar this year. Now I wish you a lot of fun with your advent calendar. If you need even more selection to Advent calendars, then look nevertheless simply on vorbei. Here you will not only find Beauty Advent Calendars but many more.


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