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Advent calendar 2019

It’s time again – every year the Advent season comes faster and more stressful than one would like. For many this time of the year is the most stressful time at all. Unfortunately for me it is also very stressful at the moment, which is why I am very late with my contribution here. As you already know from my Instagram post, I have again tested a few Advent calendars for their content and price. I don’t want to withhold the result from you. Furthermore you can vote under my last ?????????-????, which Advent calendar I should ??????. Just drop me a line at ????????? (????????.????) and with a little luck you’ll ??? one of these advent calendars.

Maybe you already have an advent calendar. There is a really large selection of Advent calendars. So I think that for everyone a more suitable one will be to be found. I decided this year again for a Douglas Advent calendar. More precisely for two – the big Advent calendar in New York design and the small Douglas Lovely Advent calendar “Make up”. Additionally I tested the alverde Adventskalender from dm, the Heinz-Saucen – Adventskalender and the Adventskalender from Spicebar (the following blogpost describes only my personal opinion.) I bought the Heinz-Saucen-Adventskalender for my brother, because he likes to use sauces and dips.

??????? ?????? ?????? ???????? “???? ??”

The Advent calendar is aimed at women who enjoy beauty and make-up and like to put on make-up. The packaging is very appealing in design and the calendar can be easily set up.

????’? ???? ??’? ??? ?????:

– Nail polish Heart Break 4.5 ml and 3 further different red shades in 10 ml

– SUN Self Tanning Tissue

– hairband

– Invisible Hair Elastic

– Mini Nail File

– Mini Perfume Atomizer

– Mini Make-up Primer

– dazzler

– sharpener

– Lipstick Shine, 15-Forever Red

– Lip Duo pencil

– Lipliner, 4-Gral and 10-Velvet Plum

– Intense kohl Pencil, 2-Blue Grey

– Mini Eye Pencil Black

– Eye Pencil White is white 

– Chic & Shine Highlightzer 5,5 g

– Mini Make-up Primer 8 ml

– Long Lasting Eye Shadow Primer 10 ml

– Mascara Volume Obsession, Black 9 ml

– Kiss & Curl Mascara by Douglas, Black 5,5 ml


For the price of 29.99 Euro I would have much more  

           Makeup expected. For me very disappointing, since neither 

           Eye shadow, powder, rouge or bronzer are present, but for this 

           2 dazzlers and hair bands. At a make-up calendar had 

           I was expecting something else.

??????? ?????? ???????? ?? ??? ???? ??????

This Advent calendar is aimed at women who enjoy care and beauty and who are willing to spend a little more money. You can expect 24 care and fragrance highlights from well-known brands.

????’? ???? ??’? ??? ?????:

– SYS Moisturizing Cream 20 ml

– SYS Collagen Manager Drops 5 ml

– Douglas Home Spa Travel Hand Cream 30 ml

– Starskin Eye Catcher Eye Mask

– 3 „Invisibobble“ hair rubbers

– Kiss & Curl Mascara by Douglas 12,5 ml

– Douglas Home Spa Fizzing Bath Cube 24 g

– Annayake Bamboo Hydra Energizing Mask 15 ml

– Nutri Focus Nourishing Ampulle 1,5 ml

– Annayake Ultratime Anti-Wrinkle Redensifying _Cream 7 ml

– Douglas Hair Mask Volume 20 ml

– 4 Youthshots by Dr. Fach, Telomere Protecting Anti-Aging-Cream, 1 ml each

– Douglas Make-up Nail Polish 10 ml

– Annayake Pour Elle Roll-on 10 ml

– Dr. Susanne von Schmiedeberg Dry Skin Cream 15 ml

– Dr. Susanne von Schmiedeberg Lifting Power Serum 2 ml

– Ultimate Skin Aesthetics Express Moisture Mask 25 ml

– Douglas Make-up Ultimate Lip Liner 5 g

– Starskin Dreamkiss Lip Mask 5 g

– Mercedes Benz Woman Rollerball EdP 10 ml

– Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel 4,5 ml

– Starskin Luxury All-Day Mask 8 g

– Annayake Bamboo Energizing Face Care 15 ml

– Fragrance miniature Ariana Grande Cloud EdP 7,5 ml


For the price of 39,99 Euro you will find here a good 

                      price-Power to money ratio. These are good and   

                      appealing products for everyone. 


??????? ??????? ????????? ?????? ????????

The calendar is for all beauty fans who love care products from head to toe. The Advent calendar is in the typical Alverde look and filled with 24 little natural cosmetic surprises.

????’? ???? ??’? ??? ?????:

– Vegetable oil soap Lime fragrance 13.5 g

– Hydro Moisturizing Mask 15 ml

– Hydro Essence 2 times 1 ml

– Care Shower Bio Mine, Organic Bergamot 50ml

– magnet 

– Day Cream Organic Wild Rose 10 ml

– Night Cream Organic Wild Rose 10 ml

– Sensitive Elixir 2 times 1 ml

– Lip Care Organic Calendula 4,8 g

– Intensive Hand Cream Organic Pomegranate, Organic Shea Butter 30ml

– Postcard – “Nice to have you”

– Soft cream organic aloe vera, organic jojoba 50 ml

– Balance concentrate 2 times 1 ml

– Aqua Hydro Wash Gel 20 ml

– Nutri-Care 5in1 BB Hair Mask Vio Almond, Organic Argan 20 ml

– Foam Bath Mandarin & Vanilla 25 ml

– Wood Bookmark

– tightening cure 2 times 1 ml

– 5in1 Foot Cream Organic Lime, Organic Echinacea 20 ml

– Face Oil Organic Wild Rose 6,5 ml

– Lip contour pencil, 11 Invisible 0.5 g

– Lip contour pencil, 16 Pretty Mauve 0.5 g

– Nurti Care Shampoo Organic Almond, Organic Argan 50 ml

– Nutri Care conditioner organic almond, organic argan 50 ml

– Matt Lipstick 40 Rosé Delight 3,17


For 19,95 Euro you are  optimally provided in terms of 

                      care technology for the pre-Christmas season. 

                      However, I would have also gladly on the magnet, the 

                      postcard or the wood bookmark and give me instead a 

                      beautiful Nail polish, eye shadow or mascara desired.


???????? – ????? ?????? ????????

This Advent calendar is for all hobby chefs who like to experiment with different spices and like to cook. The design is rather simple but still appealing.

It is an advent calendar with spices, salt, spice mixtures and spice preparations.

????’? ???? ??’? ??? ?????:

Smoked paprika, red sweet paprika, Ceylon cinnamon, fermented pepper, smoked red jalapenos, oregano, Rasavat pepper black, tonka bean, Zanzibar pepper black, onion, garlic, coriander seeds, tomato, chili, turmeric, coconut flakes, cumin, rosemary, mustard seed, orange peel, cardamom, thyme, lemon peel, fennel seed green, caraway seed, ginger, basil, macis, cloves, aniseed, sage, rose petals, chives, raw cocoa, leek, pimento d’aspelatte, cassia cinnamon, black cumin. bay leaves, cayenne pepper, black smoked pepper, black olives, cress seed, parsley, pimento clove pepper, fenugreek, juniper berries, boletus mushroom, cubeb pepper, marjoram, saffron, salt, coconut blossom sugar, smoked salt extreme, sweetener erythritol, Indian sun flakes, Christmas spice mixture, spice mixture for bread dough, mulled wine spice mixture, Madras-Curry spice mixture, spice preparations for: Greek dishes, Bolognese, chicken, scrambled eggs, pizza+pasta and coconut curry. Spice sugar for rice pudding, Magic Dust spice preparation, Smoky spice preparation and spice preparation for Harissa and Paella.


For the price of 29.90 Euro the Advent calendar knows 

                      light deficiencies. The quantity of the individual spices is 

                      with approx. 12 g  per spice is very low. For someone 

                      who likes new and  the advent calendar is not tried out 

                      for special spices. I really recommend it. The spice 

                      portions are for 1 to  cook max. 2 times. For a student 

                      kitchen however sufficient. On a positive note, however, 

                      I must also point out that the  a recipe suggestion for    

                      each spice and facts about the appropriate spice is 



????? ?????? ?????? ????????

The Advent calendar by Heinz is aimed at all those who like sauces and prefer savoury to sweet. For all those who like curry sauces and tomato ketchup.

????’? ???? ??’? ??? ?????:

– Tomato Ketchup 3 times 34 ml flask

– Mayonaise 2 x 33 ml flask

– Dijon mustard 2 x 33 ml flask

– Curry Spice Ketchup 2 x 25 g Dip Pot

– Tomato Ketchup 2 x 25 g Dip Pot

– Garlic sauce 2 x 25 g Dip Pot

– Tartare Sauce 2 x 25 g Dip Pot

– Barbecue Sauce 2 x 25 g Dip Pot

– Sweet & Soure Sauce 2 x 25 g Dip Pot

– Curry Mango Sauce 2 x 25 g Dip Pot

– Creamy Honey Mustard 2 x 25 g Dip Pot

– Surprise mini cap


For the price of approx. 19.99 euros I was over the 

                      existing portion sizes very astonished, because they 

                      remind us of a Breakfast buffet in some hotels. There you 

                      will find the portion sizes of the Jams no bigger, either. 

                      You can also do it with the sweet-sour sauce to nuggets 

                      with a fastfood chain gets compare. More meaningful 

                      would be here resealable jars with more contents. For  

                      such a big well-known company like Heinz the content is 

                      very poor. Here the wide range of sauces is lacking, 

                      instead   it’s just often the same products. Five times the 

                      Tomato Ketchup I really don’t think it’s necessary.

Of course there are a lot of advent calendars from different categories, which I can’t test them all. Here I have photographed a few for you. Maybe it will help you to find the right advent calendar for your choice. 

I hope that I have been able to help you with my suggestions and tips for Advent Calendars this year. Now I wish you a lot of fun with your advent calendar and don’t forget to vote for Instagram for the advent calendar competition.

Your Princess.sosi ?


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