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15 minutes of relaxation


In Cooperation with Schaebens.

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Hello dear ones, do you feel at the moment also everything so extremely stressful although it is actually not yet so stressful? Or do you  also worry about everything as much as I always do, so that the thoughts actually do not come to rest at all? Right now, I´m just exhausted. Especially in winter the body needs more energy. During the cold season it is important to avoid stressful feelings and to give the body some rest for recovery. I have made a firm commitment to take a 15-minute relaxation break every day. Just don´t do anything and think of nothing. The latter will be very difficult. But I will try to give my body a little break on a regular basis.


For our skin we have it easier. We can simply give it a short break for rest and regeneration through various baths or a facial mask. Since I like to make face masks, I have also tested the new match mask from Schaebens. It is a very good mask made of finely ground green tea, ginger, ginseng and rice germ oil. Green tea is considered to be a meditation drink of Buddhist monks and has a stimulating and activating effect on our body due to its strong antioxidant effect. The ground leaves are rich in minerals, vitamins, coffeine and amino acids.

The mask has a creamy consistency and a green color. It is easy to apply to the skin. Avoid eyes and mouth parts. If you want to let the mask work for 15 minutes and then remove it with a damp cloth. I just let my thoughts run free and tried to relax undisturbed. I just used this time to consciously do nothing. I find what is not so easy at all. But I´ll probably do this more often and on a regular basis. My skin was relaxed and well cared for after the extra portion of care. It didn’t´t feel that dry any more, as it was well supplied with moisture through the mask. All in all, my facial skin was pleasantly papered and cared for. So I can combine two things with oneanother, relaxation for my body and care for my skin. How do you give yourself to a little break every day?

Yours Princess.sosi

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